About Us

UDimension University is the ideal online university perfect for everyone, attentive to your skills needs and get the employment you need.


UDimension University is by connecting students all over South Africa and the world to the best instructors and tutors. UDimension University is about helping individuals reach their goals and pursue the goals

OUr values


The student can follow the lessons whenever and wherever he wants, because they are always avaliable online


Registration are always open and always online, Affordable online courses and can attend from anywhere in the world


Study Platform is always online and is always updated with new professions of the current workplace


UDimension University is always to the needs of the student, to whom it offeres in the study by tutors and teachers. It also periodically checks the quality of the service


UDimension University students are a community of global learners united in a shared goal of acquiring skills and knowledge. Our unique online platform enables an unprecedented degree of support with our students, and our students realise early in their learning process that our courses offered are in line with the demands of the world of work. For students, the study modules can be modified over time to fastrack the learning process and they can count on individual teaching support offered by the tutors

Our Story

UDimension University was established as an online university with the sole-aim of closing the skills gap in South Africa. The potential to educate at a global scale was awe-inspiring, and UDimension University was founded to pursue a mission to democratize education.

  • Online lessons: you can follow them where and when you want from your computer

  • Online tutors: they guide you in the study and are available answer any question regarding the course

  • Full assistance and preparation with certification

  • Online registration: you can register whenever you want directly from our portal.


  • Here and now Dare to be wise and learn

  • Improving People's Lives Through Skills

  • Improving Lives through Learning

  • Learn Differently, Learn Digitally